Frozen tree

Beware of Winter Hazards

Most of Missouri has experienced a multitude of ice and snow events over the past several weeks. As we eagerly await to see whether or not Punxsutawney Phil is a fraud, a few tips for those venturing out on the Katy trail following an ice and snow event.

  • Listen to the trees. While they may not speak to you and give spiritual guidance, they may tell you to get off the trail. Cracking, popping, and rustling is a sign limbs are under stress. Several downed trees and limbs have been reported and so long as ice is still covering the trees the risk of them falling on your head is heightened.
  • If temps are near freezing, watch out for ice on the trail. With so much precipitation over the past several weeks the trail may freeze and thaw in sections as temps dip. Low lying areas will be the most susceptible as moisture collects and temps can be lower than those in higher spots. Particular trouble areas will be near tunnels and beneath bridges along sections of the trail.
  • Dehydration. Folks always think of dehydration in the 100 degree summer days when in reality, the 30 degree days tend to sneak up on you. Be sure to bring plenty of water as your body needs it when exercising in the cold just as it does in heat.

For additional safety concerns, visit our FAQ page regarding safety on the Katy Trail.