Katy Trail Tours

For those who want to experience the Katy Trail with a well seasoned expert along your side, guided tours are for you! Several companies offer guided tours that will make your experience memorable! The added historical dialogue and community of fellow riders along your journey is a recipe for memories and lifelong friends. Additionally, the added safety and security knowing you are with a veteran rider who knows the trails beauties as well as how to make the experience most enjoyable. See below for a list of tour offering along the Katy Trail

Katy Trail Tour Offerings

Crossroads Bike Tours

Crossroads Bike Tours is our featured Tour Provider. They offer shorter 2 hour tours as well as full 3 – 5  day full trail tours starting in beautiful St. Charles, Missouri. All tours have knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides and are fully supported with a Support and Gear (SAG) vehicle. Crossroads fully planned tours handle all of the routes, hotels/B&B’s, food, SAG transportation and special events to allow you to relax and vacation in style.

Wilderness Voyageurs

All Wilderness Voyageurs tours are fully supported with a SAG vehicle and include beautiful routes through stunning landscapes, excellent food and accommodations, top rate equipment, dedicated and enthusiastic guides.

Noble Invention Bike Touring

Noble Invention was created to offer cyclists like you – independent, adventurous explorers – the opportunity to bike the best trails on your own terms, with the expertise to ensure you’ll see the most scenic parts of the trail, stay at the comfortable accommodations each night, and enjoy all the hidden, little-known treasures along the way.