Boonville Depot

Katy Trail State Park

Katy Trail State Park is the largest, most developed rails to trail project in the United States. It attracts thousands of patrons yearly as it offers opportunities for biking, running, walking, and horseback riding.Bike Rider on the Katy Trail

The distance of the Katy Trail State Park in Missouri is 240 miles. The park begins in Clinton, MO and ends in Machens, MO. Twenty six trailheads can be found along the way, many offering modern restrooms and clean drinking water.

The trail was built over the form Missouri – Kansas – Texas – Railroad. It is referred to as MKT, or, Katy and closely follows the Missouri River for much of its length. The Katy trail delights visitors as it winds through historic river towns such as Boonville and St.Charles which offer fully restored rail depots to explore. The trail also offers breathtaking views of Missouri bluffs, floodplains, wildlife, and forests. No two sections of the trail are the same and the natural beauty surrounding the trail changes with the seasons.

Those who bike the Katy Trail will be pleased to know that the trail is known for being flat and smooth. The surface is crushed and finely packed gravel which provides minimal resistance while biking across the state. The gravel also makes an ideal surface for running and walking as it provides a lower impact workout than paved surfaces.

Katy Trail in Autumn

The Katy Trail also connects to several larger trail networks. The two largest are the MKT Trail in Columbia, and the Rock Island Trail in Windsor.

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