Rock Island Trail

Rock Island
Credit: Missouri Bicycle & Pedestrian Federation

The Rock Island Spur of Katy Trail State Park is a 47.5-mile trail that stretches through west-central Missouri. Similar to the Katy, the trail for bicyclists, hikers and equestrian users.

Rock Island is built on the former corridor of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad, often referred to as the Rock Island line. The trail begins at Windsor and currently ends at Pleasant Hill. Additional trailheads at Leeton, Chilhowee and Medford  can be found along the way. Missouri continues its development with the most recent announcement in February 2020 as Jackson County began construction on an additional 7 mile stretch.

The trail gives users an opportunity to explore Missouri’s rural history as it travels through small towns that once thrived along the railroad corridor. It is a designated section of the nationwide American Discovery Trail, a coast-to-coast non-motorized recreational trail.

The Rock Island Spur can be enjoyed on its own or as part of a connected experience. At Windsor, the trail connects to the 240 mile stretch of the Katy Trail that goes between Clinton to the west and Machens to the east with numerous towns and points of interest in between.