MKT Trail

The MKT Trail in Columbia, Missouri is a beautiful connector from the city to the Katy Trail. Those riding the length of the Katy Trail will find the MKT is easily accessible via a connection at the Huntsdale trailhead.

The MKT connector is 9 miles long and terminates right in the heart of Downtown Columbia. This stretch is full beauty such as the rest of the Katy Trail, It spans over several creeks and offers plenty of views to take in.

Hybrid Bike on the Katy
The surface and surroundings of the MKT echo much of the Katy Trail

Trail goers will notice more civilization beside the trail as they approach Columbia. Plenty of neighborhoods and parks such as Twin Lakes will signal that you have almost reached the largest city in mid Missouri.

Columbia is the home of the University of Missouri as well as some of the most diverse dining and lodging options near the trail. More info can be found on Columbia’s Trailhead guide.