Adult Bikes

Updated December 1, 2019

Unpaved surfaces can quickly turn the wrong bike into a giant waste of money as many of the components are sub par and in some cases, dangerous as they rattle loose. Below are some of our current favorites in the segment.

Raleigh Cadent 2

A great option for new riders on a budget. The Cadent 2 offers aluminum construction, 3 front, and 8 rear gears. Amazon has these available starting at $349 for the small frame and tops out at $499 for the extra large.


Diamondback Haanjo 1

Another great budget friendly option that is ideal for the trail. The Haanjo 1 offers aluminum construction, disc brakes, and a sweet flat grey and black color scheme. The drive train is also super simple and durable as it is a 1×9 setup. This also means less derailments and shifting which is perfect for the flat Katy Trail.

Giant Cypress

The Cypress is a tried and true option that has a reputation for being a reliable workhorse on gravel. Aluminum construction and durable components make this a fantastic choice for riders. These bikes can be found at several local bike shops nation wide as well as on the Giant website. Pricing for the bike is $390.








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