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2024 Pedaler’s Jamboree

The 2024 Pedaler’s Jamboree is a music festival hosted along the Katy Trail! Riders are treated to a 31 mile route from Columbia to Boonville, with fantastic music along the way!

Traditionally the ride began at Flat Branch Park in Columbia, Missouri and the festival held Kemper Park in Boonville, however historic flooding of 2019 closed multiple sections of the trail and required the Pedaler’s Jamboree directors to change the route to Jefferson City in 2021. 

For 2022, The Ped Jam returned home to Boonville and will come back again Memorial day weekend 2023!

Be sure to check out our tent at the Katy Roundhouse this year for swag!

2024 Entertainment is TBD, Below are the acts that performed in 2023


Pedaler’s Jamboree FAQ

How long is the Pedaler’s Jamboree ride?

The daily distance of the ride is 31 miles.

pedaler's jamboree open trail
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How fast do I need to ride in the Pedaler’s jamboree?

Not very. This ride is leisurely and all about fun.

How can I get my tent and gear to Kemper Park? 

Organizers include the transport of 2 bags to the event.



What is included in registration?
Gear transport of 2 bags to campsite (not hotels), compilation CD (with music from all the artists on the ride), Sag Support, Camping, A weekend full of music and entertainment. Free entry to all trailside music venues.

Is there a map of the event?

Check out The Midwestern Dad for maps.

Visit the event website