Wilderness Voyageurs

Wilderness Voyageurs


Wilderness Voyageurs host tours all over the world and the Katy Trail is one of the more popular spots! All tours are fully supported with a SAG vehicle and include beautiful routes through stunning landscapes, excellent food and accommodations, top rate equipment, dedicated and enthusiastic guides.

Wilderness Voyageurs bike tours give you the opportunity to explore terrain from mountains to bay, to taste local delicacies and to create an unforgettable way of traveling that might just become a habit. From Colorado to Cuba, they offer something for every pedaling preference.

6 Day Tour

Day 1: Begin the day in Clinton, Missouri, biking through pasture and prairie first settled by European pioneers by way of wagon trains. Spend the night where Harry S. Truman once slept, the Hotel Bothwell.

Day 2: Visit the Katy Depot & Museum, a restored Victorian train station that serves as the official Katy Trail welcome center, and ride until you meet up with the Missouri River. “Boonslick Country” was the first permanent American settlement west of St. Louis.

Day 3: Begin riding beneath the Manitou Bluffs, towering limestone cliffs that were once held sacred by Native American tribes. Pedal through pumpkin, soy and corn fields to Jefferson City’s Capitol Plaza Hotel.

Day 4: Cycle through the “Rhineland Region,” settled by Germans attracted by fertile soil and wild grapes, and spend the night in Hermann, which is still home to four outstanding wineries.

Day 5: Observe even more European influence as you travel through the farthest settlements west of the Mississippi River, the most prevalent of which were French and Native American. Travel through Marthasville, the original resting place of Daniel Boone, and where he “possibly” still resides.

Day 6: Watch the landscape morph from farmland to suburbia as you draw closer to historic St. Charles, a trading post town. A final lunch at Trail Head Brewery concludes your journey on the Katy!

Tour Dates

May 3, 2020
May 10, 2020
May 17, 2020
May 31, 2020
June 7, 2020

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