GoFundMe – Colorful Art Installation on the MKT Trail

Local artist Miranda Clark is setting out to brighten some spirits in the year 2020. The MKT trail connector and Katy Trail has certainly acted as an outlet for folks as they have dealt with stay at home orders, travel restrictions, homeschooling, and general uncertainty. One thing we can all be certain of is the healing effects art and nature have on our bodies. Miranda has fallen in love with the Hinkson Creek Bridge portion of the MKT trail and is raising funds to fund an art installation installed on the trusses of bridge #12. You can find this between the Scott and Forum Boulevard Entrances on the trail. Our Parking Map can help guide you there.

During the day, sunlight will filter through the vinyl to project iridescent shadows across the ground. The colors I chose for the installation compliment the trails conservation efforts: yellow to mimic black-eyed susans, blue for the sky, red for cardinal birds, and orange for the day-lilies.

Miranda received approval for this project from Parks and Rec and support from the Office of Cultural Affairs on Friday, July 10th and it now stands beside the trail. Certainly check it out if you are in the area. Miranda is requesting donations to cover the cost of making the dream a reality! We can only hope she continues to share her talents along the trail for years to come!

Go Fund Me Page

Miranda’s studio can be found on Instagram. Be sure to check out the work of her and her husband, Oliver.

Clark Studio’s Instagram