Heat Warning on the Katy Trail

An excessive Heat warning continues as heat indexes are consistently topping 100 degrees. Those planning on traveling the trail should exercise caution as the conditions can be dangerous to anyone who is unprepared.

  • If you think you brought enough water, bring more as the Katy trail can heat up fast and water will often be miles away
  • Wear sunscreen to protect yourself from burns
  • Let someone know when you are leaving and when you will return
  • Bring your cell phone and pay attention to mile markers on the trail should you need assistance
  • Listen to your body and understand the signs of heat exhaustion

For additional trail conditions, check out our conditions page.

2 thoughts on “Heat Warning on the Katy Trail”

  1. Please take extra water if you are between pilot grove and sedalia, there is no water at clifton city. We have given people water before because they didnt have any.

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