Is the Katy Trail safe?

Absolutely! The Katy trail is used by roughly 400,000 per year with minimal incidents. Like any outdoor adventure, some simple actions can reduce threats.

• Let someone know when you are using the Katy Trail, where you are traveling, and when you will return.
• Wear sunscreen. Some sections of the trail offer shade while others may not offer cover for a mile or more.
• Invest in a good insect repellent in warm months. Nothing will tarnish a good adventure like a tick or mosquito encounter.
• If you are not an expert of identifying poisonous snakes do not approach them or venture into areas of tall grass where they may be hiding. August tends to be be the most active times for snakes in Missouri so do not be surprised to see one sunbathing along the trail.
• Carry some form of dog repellent. Some rural areas along the trail have dogs off leash.
• If you think you brought enough water, bring more. The trail can heat up fast and water will often be miles away.

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