July 22nd, 2019

The bridge is out at MM 178.5 to MM 181.4, between the intersection of Moniteau St. and First St. near Rocheport to Davisdale and the Rocheport Tunnel.

A detour route is available as indicated below and on trail signs. While following the detour, trail users may experience: travel over city streets and highways; motor vehicles traveling at high speeds; uneven or loose gravel on road surfaces; and narrow roads and lanes. Caution is advised.

  • From Rocheport Trailhead: Access the trail from the far side of the parking lot, turning left onto the trail; take Hwy. 40 to Davisdale Conservation Area parking (3.2 mi); take Hwy. 240 Spur to Hwy. 40 (1.0 mi); turn left onto Hwy. 40; turn right onto Central St.; Central St. will become Hwy. 240 Spur (0.1 mi); follow the trail to Central St. (0.2 mi)
  • From New Franklin Trailhead: Take Central St. to the trail (0.2 mi); turn left onto the trail; at Rocheport, Hwy. 240 Spur becomes Central St. (0.1 mi); take Hwy. 40 to Hwy. 240 Spur (3.2 mi); turn right onto Hwy. 240 Spur; turn right into the parking lot; turn left onto Hwy. 40; follow the trail to Davisdale Conservation Area parking (6 mi)

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