Caution Advised East of New Franklin

April 15th, 2019

From Missouri State Parks:

The trail is temporarily closed from MM 178.3 (Rocheport Trailhead) to MM 182.2 (Davisdale Conservation Area).

Trail users are being rerouted to Hwy. 40 and will need to exercise caution. Signs will direct trail users to follow the below detour:

  • From the Rocheport Trailhead follow Katy Trail to Central Street (.2 mile).
  • Turn right onto Central Street. Central Street becomes Hwy. 240 Spur (.1 mile).
  • Take Hwy. 240 Spur to Hwy. 40 (1.0 mile). Turn left onto Hwy. 40.
  • Take Hwy. 40 to the Davisdale Conservation Area parking lot (3.2 miles).
  • Enter Katy Trail from the far side of the parking lot.
  • Turn left out of the parking lot onto Katy Trail.
  • From the New Franklin Trailhead, follow the Katy Trail to the Davisdale Conservation Area parking lot (6.0 miles).
  • Turn right into the parking lot. Turn left onto Hwy. 40.
  • Take Hwy. 40 to Hwy. 240 Spur (3.2 miles). Turn right onto Hwy. 240 Spur.
  • At Rocheport, Hwy. 240 Spur becomes Central Street (.1 mile).
  • Take Central Street to Katy Trail (.2 mile). Turn left onto Katy Trail.

While following the detour, trail users may experience travel over city streets and highways, motor vehicles traveling at high speeds, uneven or loose gravel on road surfaces, narrow roads and lanes.

Image provided by Missouri State Parks


April 18th, 2019

Trail users should exercise caution east of New Franklin Trailhead at MM 189.2 near the bridge. Heavy rainfall has caused holes and a washout next to the bridge.

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