Birds eye rocheport

Rocheport Daffodil Days

Rocheport, Missouri – April 2019

Rocheport Daffodil Days is a celebration of spring in Rocheport, MO. The Katy Trail lines the town and offers some of the most stunning scenery in all 240 miles of the trail.

My wife and I took our 5 year old and met up with 3 of his friends at the trailhead. From there we went east towards the tunnel and diverted into Diana Bend Conservation area for a hike up the bluff.

Diana bend starts off easy enough, with a gradually sloping wooden path that leads to an overlook which was filled with quite a bit of muddy water from the Missouri River flooding the past several weeks.


After viewing the sights at “ground level” it was time to do what every parent fears, ascend a steep incline with four children. The incline is substantial and gravel a bit loose so we took our time. After what may have been 100 yards of incline we reached the top of the bluff which sat right above the Rocheport Tunnel.

LookoutThe view was impressive for us adults as it offered a view of wetland, river, and the Missouri River Bridge in the distance. For the kids our viewing offered a well deserved break on the benches surrounding the platform, and plenty of sticks. Sticks always become a hot commodity as their mission is always to discover the most excellent hiking staff.



Just as we were ready to move on, I was reminded at how hilariously awesome kids are. First the boys complained of being hot after the steep hike so they decided to let their “bellies breath”. Next, an impromptu Yoga session began atop the bluff. To the family that walked up on this activity, you’re welcome. I am sure we made for excellent conversation after leaving.


After our Yoga session we ventured directly atop the trail to get a birds eye view of the hustle and bustle below. A few pictures and many sticks later we descended and ventured towards the tunnel.

The kids determined this bluff was definitely shaped like a smiling face. Perhaps even a frog?

We partook in numerous footraces inside the tunnel, sang songs loudly, and made as much noise as possible. The echo’s of their silliness delighted many passing by.

We next ventured to town and got ice creams all around from the Rocehport General Store. As for myself, I skipped the ice cream and treated myself to a delicious Logboat Snapper IPA.



What a fantastic day to spend a Saturday afternoon! Rocheport is always a great stop along the trail and Daffodil Days offered a great excuse to visit. I look forward to ascending the bluff again as the trees fill in.