Top 5 Reasons to Hit the Katy Trail in Winter

As winter hits the mid-west a lot of folks prepare to bundle up and hunker down until spring. It is completely understandable as frigid temps and early sunsets can make the idea of venturing outdoors and partaking in trips along the Katy Trail less than exciting. Still, getting outside in winter has plenty of benefits! If you are in need of motivation this winter to stay active in nature, check out the top 5 reasons to hit the Katy Trail during winter.

  1. Snow hikes! Hiking in the snow is a treat that only comes so often. Health benefits are magnified as calorie burning is heightened. Much like exercising in extreme heat, careful planning must take place when hiking in the snow. A good pair of snow hiking boots can go a long way in keeping your feet dry and comfy. For longer hikes, do not underestimate the power of a good set of trekking poles.snow angel
  2. Winters beauty! Wintertime comes with a lack of foliage on trees and grey skies, but, it also offers plenty of unique scenery. I can not tell you how many times I’ve noticed new and exciting features alongside a trail during winter jaunts. Additionally, if you are lucky enough to enjoy one of the previously mentioned snow hikes. Don’t forget to tag those Instagram shots #KatyTrailMO
  3. No bugs! It may sound small but this may be the best part of hitting the trail in the winter. The ability to hit the trail for a day without bug spray is a gift! As son as that first warm up hits in the early spring, mosquito repellent is a must.
  4. Silence and serenity. Wintertime brings a calm and silence over the trail that can’t be matched. No noisy bugs or lawn mowers to spoil your zen. You will not find a much better way to clear your head than to stand among the trees and soak in the silence.
  5. Natures anti-depressant. The winter blues, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, is no joke. Even a short jaunt on the trail can trigger endorphins and boost your mood. To further boost your spirits, head out on a clear day to get  glimpse of sunshine and Vitmin D!