Social Distancing in Katy Trail State Park

Updated June 26, 2020


The outbreak of COVID-19 has no doubt turned our world upside down in 2020. Several folks are wondering if the Katy Trail is open as Corona Virus cases are mounting after stay at home orders have expired. At this time the trail is open and available for use and likely will continue to be through the pandemic.

On April 6, 2020, the State of Missouri began a state wide stay at home order following actions first implemented by select counties such as Saint Charles and Boone. Outdoor recreation was still listed as a valid reason to venture outdoors according to governor Parson.

Beginning May 26th, camping is permitted in designated areas maintained by MO State Parks.

While KatyTrailMO is not qualified to advise what is best for public health, we can recommend that if you choose to utilize the trail, please exercise caution and respect anyone you may come across by keeping a distance. If you believe you have been exposed or are showing symptoms of COVID-19, it is your responsibility to stay home and seek medical attention. If in doubt, stay home.

The Katy Trail offers plenty of space to spread out, however reports indicate the virus can survive in the air and that wearing face protection can help protect yourself and others. Trail side restrooms are open, however, packing hand sanitizer is highly recommended.

Many spring and summer events along the trail have been postponed or cancelled to limit large group gatherings. We are updating events as we receive word and will work to keep folks informed when they are rescheduled.


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    1. katytrailmoadmin

      Yes the majority of campgrounds have re-opened for use at this time. Of course, always stay tuned to the state of the world and call ahead.

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